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It’s Safety First with Quality Driving! Here at Quality Driving Schools, we turn no blind eye to safety. We choose all of our cars with the highest standards, selecting only the safest-rated vehicles. The fact that all of our vehicles are gas-efficient comes as an added perk, allowing students to drive safely for both themselves and the environment. In business for over 20 years, Quality Driving Schools has a great reputation for our service to our students and the community. All of our instructors are fully certified, have many years of experience, and are kind and patient. So if you have a timid driver hoping to get behind the wheel, you have nothing to worry about! Quality Driving believes every student deserves the opportunity to take driver education, no matter what the circumstances are. We do not cut corners on the education of your teens or of adults. We’re dedicated to helping students strive to earn their goal, setting them behind the wheel on a route towards opportunity and excellence. Offering simulated experiences along with on-road experience, we ensure that students are comfortable and confident by the time that they get buckled into their seats. Quality Driving has been approved to do the DOL testing in our classrooms. Students need to study for the written test. Students also need to have completely paid all fees and fines before applying to do the written test or the drive tests. 80% is the minimum passing grade. Our price includes one try at each the written and the drive test as part of the program. Tests will be given on a special day. Quality Driving will offer classes 3 times a week for the fall/winter sessions. Quality Driving gives 15 lessons, 6 hours of driving, and the student needs to complete 1 hour of observation in the Drivers Ed car. When everything is paid for including fines, then they can take the state testing which is paid for with the class.
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• Get your permit up to 10 days before the class starts
• Completed 30 hours of class and written test
• Completed 6 hours of driving
• Completed 1 hour of observation
• Pay all money owed including fines (course completion is added when all fines are paid and class is paid or after everything is completed)
• Take State DOL Written test: $30 (1st attempt included with course fees)
• Take State DOL Drive test: $35 (1st attempt included with course fees)
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