MS Flower's Interpreters & Translators

Tri-Cities (WA) & Oregon (OR)
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Office 509-967-8882
Ms. Flower’s Interpreters and Translators has developed a team of interpreters with specialized experience in working in the medical community, for school districts, legal settings, and a wide variety of local businesses. With our years of experience, we can handle interpreting in just about any setting. Our reliable and certified translators and interpreters have provided hours of service in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. We can and do travel to accommodate clients outside our region. The following are just some of our areas of expertise.
Languages We Serve
• Arabic
• ASL American Sign Language
• Bosnian
• Chinese
• Karen
• Korean
• Laotian
• Marshallese
• Russian
• Somali
• Spanish
• Swahili
• Ukranian
• Vietnamese
• And More
Labor & Industries
• L&I Interpreter Referral & Support at NO COST TO YOU
Document Translations
• Legal & Medical Forms
• Contracts
• Marriage Certificates
• Birth & Death Certificates
• Brochures
• Catalogs
• Medical Documents
Face to Face Interpreting
• Emergency & Urgent Care Visits
• Routine Visits
• Specialty Visits
• Pre-Op, Post-Op and Surgical Visits
• Pharmacy Visits
• Dental Care
• Mental Health Care
• Physical & Occupational Therapy
Simultaneous Interpreting & Translating With Audio Equipment
• We Have In-Office Equipment
• Events, Meetings, Conferences & Group Interpreting